Member Guidelines


  • A.1 No formal membership is required
  • A.2 Membership is limited to UTILITY employees.
    • A.2.a Must be employed by a utility company in the business of transmission or distribution of electrical energy.
    • A.2.b Employed by a company that provides utility services to its own facilities in the area of transmission or distribution of electrical energy.
    • A.2.c Employed by an independent power producer or co-generator that is in the business of transmission or distribution of electrical energy.
    • A.2.d Employed by a communication utility that is in the business of constructing, operating and maintaining underground communication facilities.
  • A.3 A membership roster which contains all mailing and contact information will be routed and updated during the general session.


  • B.1 ADHOC Sessions.
  • B.2 Tour Attendance (when available).
  • B.3 Wednesday evening activities.
    • B.3.a Note that Wednesday nights are for meeting with vendors, product representatives, sales personnel, etc.
    • B.3.b It is expected that the membership support and utilize the activities set up for this evening. It is to your benefits.
  • B.3.c No one activity should be planned to eliminate the ability to contact all vendors, reps, sales agents, etc., that might be present during the evening.
  • B.4 Thursday evening activities.
    • B.4.a All Thursday evening activities are to be aimed at interaction between members.
    • B.4.b It is highly suggested that a group meal be planned Thursday evening as a time to exchange information, discuss utility matters, and share experiences with fellow members.
    • B.4.c Attendance to this planned activity is optional but will provide the climate for such exchange of information, etc.


  • C.1 Guest speakers are by invitation only.
    • C.1.a Invited by Vice Chairman for general session presentation.
    • C.1.b Invited by Chairman of Subcommittee for their meeting.
  • C.2 Guest speakers may bring or invite others ( at their discretion) to listen to their presentation. These guests may only attend the presentation to which they are invited.
  • C.3 Guest speakers must introduce their guests.
  • C.4 Nonmembers shall not be in attendance during a presentation without written permission from the guest speaker forwarded to the WUC Chairman.
  • C.5 Guest speakers may be in attendance only through their own presentation. Should they wish to attend other presentations, they must receive permission from the session presenter and the WUC Chairman.
  • C.6 Guest speakers that make a presentation on Thursday morning will be invited to lunch at no cost. Guest speakers may invited other to this lunch provided that the cost for such lunch(es) are forwarded to the WUC Secretary/Treasurer.


  • D.1 All individuals attending any portion of the WUC meeting must register by the start of the general session on Thursday morning.
  • D.2 Pre-registration fees must be received by the host utility prior to the start of the general session. Should such pre-registration fees not be received “AT THE DOOR” registration fees will be required. “AT THE DOOR” fees will be greater than the pre-registration fees.
  • D.3 Registration includes lunch on Thursday. Indication of attendance to this meal is only used to assist the host utility in planning for the event. No discounts on registration will be made if the meal is not desired.
  • D.4 Payment for expenses incurred by a registrant (i.e., hotel costs, etc.) are the responsibility of the individual.


  • E.1 The general session will go into closed door session at times to discuss “Utility Only” maters.
  • E.2 Only members are allowed during a closed door session. Please make note of others in the meeting and ask them to leave if you note that they are not members.
  • E.3 The items that are discussed at such closed door sessions are confidential. The use of any information gained at such sessions should be used with great discretion, not in a manner detrimental to any other entity.


  • F.1 Meeting notification and agenda will be forwarded to all members listed in the current roster.
  • F.2 No meeting notifications will be mailed to any vendors, suppliers, manufacturers or affiliated personnel.


  • G.1 Copies of the minutes of the meeting will be distributed as per the roster.
  • G.2 The roster shall indicate those members that do not wish to receive a copy of the minutes. We encourage sharing copies to reduce printing costs.
  • G.3 The roster/membership list will NOT be made available to any vendors. The membership list is for the use of the members only and should be kept confidential.


  • H.1 WUC Guidelines handbooks will be forwarded to every member utility.
  • H.2 Only one handbook will be issued per utility. It will be the utility’s responsibility to make additional copies for its own use.
  • H.3 When an update to the manual is in order, only one copy will be forwarded to each utility. It will be the individual utility’s responsibility to keep any other copies up-to-date.
  • H.4 Complete copies of the WUC Guidelines will not be made available to vendors. The guidelines are for the benefit of the member utilities. Members shall use their own discretion when referring to these guidelines.